Christabel Gilbert  studied Art & Design at The Laird School of Art, before gaining a BA in Fashion Textiles from Liverpool Art College and an ATC from Leeds. She also studied and taught photography.


After teaching at schools and in adult education in Manchester and Newport she went into Graphic Design and Illustration, working with her partner Brian Dawson. Together they formed a graphic and webpage design company supplying work for local businesses, the music industry, charities, tourism, small publications and Art Festivals, one of which being the Dance Tent at Glastonbury Festival.


"I have always had a passion for textiles, making clothes for my dolls from the age of five, and for myself not long after that! Later I discovered piecing and quilting and joined the Quilters Guild of the British Isles where I have been an active member, taking on the roles of Coordinator and Newsletter Editor for the Mid, West and South Wales area.


My work is a fusion of textiles and acrylic paint. I work from my own photographs, sometimes computer enhanced to accentuate colour and tone. Building up layer upon layer of materials, which have often been manipulated and distressed, I use the qualities of the fabric to create depth and texture and create a ‘canvas’ on which to paint and draw the forms. The structure and threads of the textiles I use react to light and movement so that the image subtly changes depending on time, position and viewpoint.


I am inspired by the huge and varied range of textiles accumulated over time and, on a visit to St. Mark’s Basilica in Venice, I was so stunned by its breath-taking, golden, vaulted ceiling that I have been addicted to ‘glitter and sparkle’ ever since."


Below is a picture of Christabel's work, currently on show at the Court Cupboard Gallery in Abergavenny